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Rank 71-80 Outlaw Pass 5 Rewards

A detailed look at the Red dead online, Wheeler Rawson & Co outlaw pass rewards in game 71-80

Moonshine Ingredients

direct delivered to your lock box

Horse Moustache- Bushy

Claim free at your local stable

Free Vest

Choose from a range of selected vests at your local tailor or direct from the Wheeler Rawson & Co Catalogue

Emote- Finger slinger

Aguado Jacket

equip in your wardrobe

3 Gold Bars

Treasure Map - Burnt town

Claim in the benefits coupon menu

Ammo pouch upgrade- Bow

Provisions Parcel

Delivered direct to your lock box.

Portbridge Vest

Equip straight from the vest section in your wardrobe.

Cloth Gun wrap -Tartan

equip free at you local gun smith

Buckle- Trim claw

equip in the buckle section of your wardrobe

Emote- Fiddle Head

4 gold bars

Faucheux coat



Show us your Faucheux @WheelerRawsonCo on Twitter with your pics.

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