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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 91-100

Best shot emote

Equip in your emote wheel

Horse Moustach- curled

Available in 4 colours

Claim your Moustache free at the stables

Cloth Wrap- Amethyst

Claim free at the local Gunsmith.

3 Gold bars

deposited direct to you gold bank.

Treasure Map - North Ridgewood, New Austin

Collect from your lock box.

Open from your satchel

Mystery Reward

To be unlocked in future times

Wilderness Travel

You can now set up camp any where to craft and cook on the go.

Wilderness camp is opened in the items section of the weapon wheel.

Estevez Gun belt

Directly delivered to you.

Equip from the weapon equip from your wardrobe

Brokenhoof buckle

Direct delivered to wardrobe. Equip in the weapons equipment section.

RANK 100

Morement Outfit

With this out fit you can dress like everybody's favourite cowboy. The hero from Red Dead Redemption 2,


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