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Outlaw Pass no.5 Rewards 1-10

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Faucheux Gloves

Made of fine leather, embellished with intricately threaded alligator teeth and an ocular Nazar patch to protect one from the 'Malevolent Glare'
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25% XP Boost

To boost you through the ranks, enjoy a 25% increase on XP points.

Ability card upgrade

Ability card of your choice upgraded once points are achieved.

Collectibles parcel

A lovely set of collectable to sell to Madam Nazar

3 gold Bars

Gols is direct deposit to your bank

Ammo pouch upgrade - Varmint rifle

Hold extra ammo for you varmint rifle

Health Tonic Filter

Use with the Advanced camera

RDO$ 50

Money directly deposited to you bank.

25 Free Trader goods

Claim in the benefits section of the start menu.

Photography Backdrop- Mansion stairway

Use at the Photographers located in Blackwater and Saint Denis

Camp flag - Schiffer Brewery

Free mash refil.

Claim in the benefits section of the start menu.

Faucheux Boots

The Faucheux boots feature a hard wearing, rough leather quad panelled boot shaft fashioned together with a dissymmetric whip stitch and embellished with bird skulls.

Your feet will thank you for the comfort when you pull on these boots. Experiencing the fine quality of the exquisitely dyed snake skin pull straps, vamp and instep.

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