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Still in Love with Red Dead Redemption 2 Storymode

Read Dead All Day!

That’s the MissCandyLicious motto, and it’s been that way for more than over 2 years now and I've played everyday since it’s release.

It all began with the Red Dead Redemption 2 storymode.

Playing as Arthur Morgan and running with the Van der Linde gang, technically the prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1, released 8 years prior, introducing us to the main character of this previous game, John Marston.

I’ll say it now from the very first wolf I shot with a dawn off shotgun in the snowy atmosphere in chapter 1 located in Colter I was addicted.

I had never seen such amazing graphics in any game to date.

The outstanding realistic environment had me hooked and I couldn’t wait to make my way across the map exploring the western terrain.

I found myself in love with the real life feeling of engaging with other gang members and also all the strangers and enemies I would encounter amongst my travels.

Legendary hunting and especially the fishing were both things I had never experienced in a game and now I had, I wouldn’t ever stop.

Well at least not until Red Dead Online was released where I would finally get to make a MissCandyLicious avatar and explore the Wild West as a character based on myself to get total immersion of this spectacular environment.

I feel, in away even though I had completed the storymode, I felt I had rushed through based on the excitement of the becoming my own avatar in the online component so decided that it would be a great idea to do a second play through.

This second round I would really take my time to complete things I’d missed in my rushed first play through.

I wanted to focus on creating all camp up grades and tracker items plus taming and selling horses and of course legendary fishing and hunting.

This journey, I really wanted to share with others, to really show how much was actually involved in this amazing game and decided to stream live from Twitch.

Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:30pm AEST Sydney time.

Arthur and the gang made it out of the icy north west, Colter and spirits are starting to seem a bit brighter amongst most of the gang now we are in the sunny Horseshoe Overlook for chapter 2.

My spirits were totally lifted when I bagged myself a Legendary bear after taking a ride with Hosea who ended up giving me his map of Legendary animals.

I couldn’t get the beast’s pelt to the trapper to get my hands on the Legendary bear hood quick enough.


Unhappily I was carrying a $300 bounty on my head after trying to rob the Doctor in Valentine and steal his Schofield Revolver.

After this unsuccessful task I was being ruthlessly chased down by the bounty hunters making it extremely difficult to accomplish anything.

However hilarious this was it was wasting a lot of time so over the weekend I decided to pay my bounty dues.


With this huge pay out of the pocket I also decided I couldn’t afford another bounty like that and began laying low going on the hunt and making sales to the local Valentine butcher for quick cash.

Red Squirrel

Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Golden Eagle

On my hunting adventures I was lucky enough to come across a couple of horses that I was able to tame and Im hoping will gain a good price after they are well bonded.

Mustang- Grullo Dun

American Paint- Overo

Thoroughbred- Blood bay

The one that got away.

Over my exploration during hunting I was also lucky enough to stumble across a lock box containing $40 and a pirate rum.

I was also excited to find my first dream catcher.

Even though he doesn’t show it Arthur is extremely excited also.

As I’m excited to catch up with guys again with the next stream instalment.

So looking forward to seeing you Monday night 8:30pm AEST Sydney time.

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