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The Norfolk Roadster - Red Dead Horses.

The Moonshiner’s multi class dream horse.

The Norfolk Roadster is available to to all to all Red Dead Online players who participate in the Moonshiner Role released on the 13th December 2019.

The sturdy multi class breed is available in a variety of colours available as you make your way through the ranks on the role.

Novice colour variants:

Speckeld Grey & Black

Established colour variants

Piebald Roan & Rose Grey

Distinguished Colour Variants

Dappled Bay and Spotted Tricolours

The Norfolk Roadster is technically an extinct breed of horse, but its story is quite heart warming.

The breed is native to East Anglia area that includes Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk in England.

East Anglia England

Formerly known as the Norfolk trotter, widely loved and mass popularised by Henry VIII. During his reign as king of England, in between marrying women and be heading them, he actually demanded the wealthy to keep a certain amount of them.

A large sized trotting horse, designed for harness was an extemely viable asset for the economy in a time that lacked mechanical vehicles, in fact one could say the Norfolk trotter was the original car, with its power, strength and stamina it rode over rough roadless terrain with utmost confidence.

By the mid 18th century the Norfolk roadster was the most popular get around horse in England harness and saddle and were used not just for getting from A to B they were actually used in racing.

These horses were not just bred for their physical attributes but also their looks, because everyone wants a good looking car right?

The new improved Norfolk roadster with its thick-set elegant neck and muscular physique came in a variety of coat colours and looked amazing as traveled long distances carrying large weights at speeds from 25- 27 kph/ 16-17 mph.

It’s sad to say as the mechanics of trains and other vehicles evolved the use for the Norfolk Roadster slowly dwindled to the point of extinction.

However sad the loss of a breed it was not the loss of a blood line.

Bellfounder , the Norfolk Roadster stallion shipped to America in 1822 would see his genetics now present in today’s Standbred and Thoroughbred breed horses.

It would seem the speedy genetics and stamina of the the old breed Roadsters would prove to be most beneficial to today’s race horses.

So RockstarGames you‘ve done it again!!

and again.

and again.

The Moonshiner horse the Norfolk Roadster is a historic legendary extinct breed brought back to life in this extraordinary Wild West adventure Red Dead Online and I am personally honoured to be able to participate in such an amazing open world, filled with unbelievable realism.

Im also excited to share this information with our wonderful community and hope you all enjoy it.

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