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Carly GB's Tribute will bring you to tears.

Grab the tissues cowboys and cowgirls this Tribute to everybody’s favourite outlaw is sure to set a stream of tears flowing over your face.

Carly GB’s splendid video is more than just a tribute, its a timeline of Arthur Morgan’s life.

If you you’ve played Red Dead Redemption 2, you will see, Carly GB has captured Arthur’s magical moments so well it will feel as if your life, or his, is flashing before your eyes.

After viewing this amazing production Im 100% positive people who have yet to experience life as the famous Arthur Morgan will want to throw their money at RockstarGames willingly to get saddled up and journey through the Wild Wild West.

Carly GB, originally from the UK, now completely soaking up the Australian culture and fitting in perfectly,

I take bloody forever on some edits
I've started saying Aussie things, like "carrying on like a pork chop".)

Taking her main inspiration from music and utilising her impeccable skills in writing/acting and editing, Carly GB has come up with numerous tributes and even dabbles in the art of outfit designs for Arthur Morgan.

Red Dead Redemption 2 boasts an amazing cinematic camera, this is where Carly GBs experience in the entertainment really shines through.

A keen creative eye for perfection, gives her the ability to really capture each moment from the best angles.

Carly GB is one of very few players who admits to participating in the Red Dead Online component of the game before the Red Dead Redemption 2 story, but after being forced by grief in online lobbies she fell instantly in love with it, and created the tribute.

Fortunately for us, Red Dead Griefers have been reduced and Carly GB is back and currently working on a Red Dead online mini series featuring the Fiery Red Head, Rachel and the Loyal Survivor, Aponi.

I wanted to create a little series for rdr2 using the brilliant cinematic mode. Because its just so good, and stunning, especially when you get sweeping camera movements’

Introducing Rachael

Abandoned by her poor parents on the streets of St Denis, Rachael survived the best she could.

Supporter of women’s suffrage, she flips the bird to society & laughs in the face of danger deciding to make her fortunes as a bounty Hunter and staking her claim in the Moonshining business, because she knows damn well she’s just as, if not more, capable than any man.

Rachael displays A Wild confidence, she knows what she needs and is always willing to do what it takes to get it, even if that means using her femininity & sexual prowess, hell, she’ll probably enjoy every minute of it.

Introducing Aponi

Aponi Lee, indigenous American living peacefully with her tribe living off the land under devastating circumstances her tribe are attacked.

Amongst the chaos, Aponi is able to escape, but is forced to watch the brutal execution of her loving parents.

A pure soul, with a heart of gold Aponi, even though suffering such cruel afflictions, uses the knowledge and wisdom of her ancestors passed down to her by her well missed parents, roaming the lands offering help to innocent people in need.

Carly Gb's productions are definitely an asset to the Red Dead community with more brilliant work currently in the mix.

We can look forward to seeing Rachael's moonshining business enterprise and Aponi will take us on an adventure south to the plague ridden, Armadillo.

" I did briefly think of voicing them (video production) myself....
...down the track I might do that. Especially if we get more roles, missions and properties"

Come through and show your support for one of Red Dead Community members and be rewarded with awesome entertainment by following/subscribing to all Carly GB's current platforms.

Click for direct link.

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