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Introducing LORD_Sno - #RedDeadPeople

Its with great pleasure to introduce the Red Dead Community to Lord_Sno AKA

Pig Face

Coming straight outta London LORD_Sno is a member of the infamous Reaper Lords Motorcycle club, a multicultural band of outlaws wreaking havoc in the wild west.

LORD_Sno is one of our Beta players being with us from right from the beginning.

....all I play is RedDead and yeah the story was amazing, graphics are incredible.

As with most Red Dead players LORD_Sno is super creative and was inspired by urban myth and legend to come up with one of the creepiest characters I have heard of yet.

Well I really thought a creepy character with a background story would make the game play a little more fun for any one I game with. Adds flavour lol.

As the head of Snow Town productions, LORD_Sno does all his own editing for his mini feature films, incorporating cross over scenes from both Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode and the Red Dead Online component.


Thats right fellow RedDeadians you might want to grab some tissues before watching, the talented LORD_Snow has come up with some amazing visual content that I guaranteed will have you wetting your pants from absolute fear or through hilarious uncontrollable laughter.

What ever the case

*Get Ready

*Get comfortable

*Check out the Awesome saga of

Pig Face & The Snow Asylum

Not just a Red Dead Player

An interesting fact about LORD_Sno, when he's not causing a ruckus in the wild west you can find him making music

show some love to our creative community member

lord_Sno and give him follow for support.

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