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EndoMEtriosis- But you look normal?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

#YouLookNormal 😳 #ThisMakesMeAngry Do I look normal to you?

Through my extensive research, I have discovered that humans are living creatures that need to extract energy from sources to reproduce themselves.

On a microscopic level, cells within the human body die off as we live only to be recreated, to keep the human structure intact and functioning efficiently.

Eating food is one of the main sources of collecting the nutritional requirements necessary for cell reproduction in the human body. This is the first step of a process labelled Digestion.

After extraction of nutrients digestion ends in Waste disposal, where the human body excretes Waste products left over from nutrient extraction.

The human body constantly replicates itself so needs a certain amount of rest/sleep.

It is during sleeping times our bodies are more efficient at extracting nutrients

Imagine the human body is a mega factory that runs 24/7 there are machines that run even when no one is at work. In the human body the machines are our involuntary processes our body completes without us knowing. It’s important to reduce the amount of voluntary actions by sleeping to allow more effective cell reproduction.

In conclusion I have found to live humans need to be able to complete these 3 basic things:




How endometriosis effects my ability to feel human

Im am in chronic agony which affects my:


I can’t eat enough to gather enough nutrients, which leaves me susceptible to all types of infections and vitamin deficiencies.


My Waste disposal system, my bowel and bladder, are fused together. The pain during digestion and waste excretion is excruciating


I can’t sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time because my body cramps and convulses in agony if I stay in a a laying position to long

What does normal look like?

Normal Tissue vs Endometriosis Tissue

My case has been noted by every doctor I have ever encountered that knew about endometriosis, as the most severe case they’ve ever seen.

To add to these images just imagine for a second that that gross stuff has grown between my bowel and bladder essentially fusing them together.

I wish you could always see what’s inside of me.
But I do not wish for you to feel it.
I wish you would feel for ME....

You can’t see it but I can feel it

"Ive been Studying humans and their behaviour trying to imitate whats NORMAL."

Me and my body are at constant war with an illness medical science can’t cure, in fact we are fighting a war medical science can’t even explain

How is that even normal? "

Questions with Candy

🤴🏽: GoodMorning Candy... Thank you for joining us, I know you are sick so we’ll make this as quick as possible. First can you explain to us what your new #YouLookNormal #ThisMakesMeAngry campaign is all about?

👸🏼: GM my dude.... and I’m glad you asked. #YouLookNormal has been a statement that I’ve heard numerous times, and I want the world to know how debilitating that statement is to someone in chronic untreatable pain.

Basically when an individual states to me #YouLookNormal, it’s obvious, this this individual has looked over my outer, physical form, visually gathered enough information and decided it was enough to JUDGE my pain status.

Some people don’t even have to say anything I can just see the blatant JUDGMENT on their faces and #ThisMakesMeAngry As a society we are Not allowed to judge actions or thoughts of others, but individuals with zero medical experience are allowed to judge my painful physical state just by a quick glance......the double standards #ThisMakesMeAngry

#EndoMEtriosis 👸🏼🔮🐆 #CWK

#YouLookNormal 😳#ThisMakesMeAngry

🤴🏽: There’s been a bit of controversy over the images you’ve posted. What do you say about your images being labeled Vulgar, or that you’re just posting these images to shock people into giving you sympathy?

👸🏼: 😂😂😂 Yep.... its actually no big surprise to me. I was completely aware the truth would be hard to accept by people who already judged me and put me in their ‘Normal’ box.

People don’t like their own beliefs being questioned and have a tendency to lash out when they do.

Any facts that undermine the individuals own belief system will ultimately be labeled negative.

I just created images based on facts.

I want people to see the truth.

If my EndoMEtriosis was on the outside for individuals to view in the initial judgement process they might see me differently.

#EndoMEtriosis 👸🏼🐆🔮 #CWK

👸🏼: I don’t want people looking at me and thinking 💭 ‘She looks normal, she’s lying about her pain’

I created the images for people to see what causes my pain, I don’t want sympathy.

When people look at me I want them to think,

💭 ‘She looks Normal, even amongst all her pain and suffering she still manages to get herself up out of bed and tries to be as normal as possible’

👸🏼: Normal people have no idea how hard it is to live in pain. Basic daily procedures are almost unattainable.

Not being able to live comfortably affects the mental state.

Being incapable of completing daily human tasks tends to make one feel worthless and insecure.

I just want people to see the effort I need to put in just to be normal.

I want people to understand the ME in EndoMEtriosis.

My physical appearance and internal suffering have made me the person I am.

This IS my Normal.


and I definitely don’t need sympathy for that.

Ted talk on pain

Check out

for more information

Video on creating awareness

March is Endometriosis month.

Every year people come together to raise funds to increase research into more effective treatment and to provide the 1/10 women who suffer mentally and physically on a daily basis.

Endometriosis fundraisers usually promote a high tea gathering with Yellow as the recognised ribbon symbol for endometriosis and using the Australian native wattle as its iconic Flower.

Due to COVID-19 normal high tea gatherings are not recommended.

Ive come up with an idea to hold a #RedDeadHighTea stream to raise awareness for endometriosis.

Saturday March 27th 2021

from 7am AEST (Sydney Time) I will be streaming #RedDeadOnline.

On and off through the day.

So come join me with a cuppa and a biccy for a

Live High Tea Stream

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