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Halloween Pass No.2

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Let’s take a detailed look at all the spooktacular rewards available with Red Dead online’s halloween pass.

Rank 1-5

50% Off select Role items

Wooden Swine Mask

Collect from your Wardrobe.

Coquatrix Hat

Delivered to your wardrobe.

Leather Slaughter Mask

Equip in your wardrobe.

Dead eye core filter

Use with the advanced camera (sold Seperately)

Gibbert Shirt

Blood soaked shirt sent direct to your wardrobe

RDO$ 100

Claim in the benefits section

Provisions Parcel

A package delivered to your lock box filled with Potent Miracle Tonics & Thyme big game meat.

Wooden Horror Mask

Collect from your wardrobe.

Killerby Gauntlets

Equip in your wardrobe

Rank 6-10

Helier Jacket

Delivered direct to your wardrobe

Ammo Parcel

A special delivery of

*Throwing Knives


*Fire Botles


Collect from your Lockbox.

Bound Shears

Hag Freak Mask

Ability Card Upgrade

after ranking up your card claim your free upgrade in the ability card wheel

Ammo Parcel

Collect direct from your lock box

Skeleton Masquerade Mask

Collect from your Wardrobe

Goggle Mask

Rank 11-15

Boucher Coat

Blood soakedked and torn coat

Equip from the coat section of your wardrobe

Golden Creature Mask

Collect from the mask section of the wardrobe

Cartilage Gloves

Get your gloves from the wardrobe.

50% Off Select Coats

Claim at the tailors

Pump action Shotgun variant- The Widow

The Black widow variant can only be equipped by visiting your local gunsmith.

Glabella Lantern

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