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Twitching- the blood, sweat and tears it takes to Twitch.

“Ok… so this Twitch thing looks pretty fun, shouldn't be too hard to get into”

Yep that was probably one of the top 3 most naive things I’ve ever said, and now that I have had the chance to participate in everything that is involved, I totally take every word I uttered back.

It all began a few years ago from the comfort of the family room, snuggled up on the couch playing Red dead Redemption on my Playstation 4. I found myself having this huge urge, or desire you might say, to show the rest of the world what I was witnessing in this amazing game.

I decided I would become a virtual photographer/videographer, even though at the time I didn't know there was actual a name for it.

To be honest I had know idea where I would go to showcase this great discovery of passion I’d found in a video game but I was obviously aware that social media platforms were definitely the main option.

In my search for like minded individuals I found myself in the world of Twitter which to my excitement, was filled with a huge gaming community who enjoyed viewing and sharing Photo and video content of their own favourite games, I had found my arena.

The artistic talents of the of the many amazing members of the twitter community only further inspired me to push forward and I appreciate every single person I was lucky enough to encounter.

Im am grateful for every single encounter that led me to dream about one day sharing these games live on stream.

The best thing about dreams is that they can come true with the right amount of desire, work and determination. I was lucky enough to have found an overwhelming sense of strength through the support of the community and began to confidently take steps towards not just achieving gaols but fulfilling dreams.

But how does all this work?

Ok I'm not ashamed to admit, I was good with taking screen shots and video capture from my Playstation 4 but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in StreamsVille.

I mean, I was aware playstation offered a broadcasting function that allowed the player to to stream game play to Youtube or Twitch.

Using a playstation 4 camera would allow me to stream my game, face and voice so once I had connected and created youtube and twitch accounts and I began my stream testing research.

For my own personal preferences I made the decision to focus on Twitch streaming, mainly because they offered fancy displays (overlays for streams) for streamers to enhance their viewers pleasure.

I was amazed by some so the spectacular streamers I found on Twitch and came to the grand realisation that my streams were completely amateur using the basic playstation 4 streaming technology.

Due to the lack of any better equipment or technology I was going to have to be ok with amateur, and I was, I mean I didn't even have a plan or regular stream schedule.

It Might be time of an Upgrade?

At the time of purchasing the playstation 5 my stream dreams had upped the ante even though I was working on a creating my own website and blog plus still doing my virtual photography and video capturing.

I couldn't shake the urge to get more serious about streaming, however, even after the purchase of the new console I was still lacking in technology and finances which kinda meant I was stuck in a bad circle of doom because without money the technology/equipment wasn't going to just rock up, I needed the cash, which i didn't have to get the equipment needed, and the circle of dooms keeps moving.

So this is where it got totally tricky. This is where i had to really work my brain for the cheapest method to get great quality streams.

I began to read every page I googled on the subject of being able to stream from the playstation with the fancy over ays ect I’d seen my other favourite streamers using for free or next to free and came to a brick wall, game over fail every time.

I couldn't take all these failures anymore, I called it, I was definitely defeated.

I would have to find away to come with the cash to upgrade my computer and buy a capture card device.

Streaming overlays needed to be added using a computer and the capture card was necessary to get the playstation data transferred to the computer to utilise these overlays.

Sounded simple enough right?


Now I would need a streaming program, but don't you use Twitch ?

I hear your mind ask as my mind asked over and over again, and the answer is yes, you have to use Twitch as the streaming platform, i need a program to set my stream up.

In this program the streamer uploads all the things they wish the viewer to see on the screen in individual pieces.

You basically build your stream layout from scratch.

Yes there are many paid and free templates but the streamer still must control how the stream is set up and how they want it to transition, sound effects and music and even microphones have to be added individually to create the desired stream.

I was backed up into another corner when I came to find out that the computer i was currently using was to outdated to run this particular streaming program, and thats right folks, I had to buy a brand new computer.

Learning the streaming programs proved to be difficult but I was determined to master it. I had a very particular way of how I wanted my stream and was was excited to design the elements for my overlays myself.

This program was a great way for me to have control over my stream and who off my own artist flair, making my stream unique.

The art was the easy part, once created it was a piece of cake to add to the program, it was when I got to adding the game capture I ran into another epic fail wall.

Yes the Playstation 5 game was being captured but the camera would only be active if I streamed to Twitch via the console, however, I needed to stream through Twitch via the computer to see my brand new overlay art.

My mind was in overdrive, it seemed like nothing wanted to work for me, I’d forked out so much cash is far and still i was failing miserably.

I was starting to feel a little rage growing inside me but i kept calm, focussed and staring thinking up another way to rectify this new problem.

My first solution was to use the Playstation 5 camera directly from my computer.


Apparently sony don't allow that.

So now we have no camera capturing device, aside from the built in web cam on the computer which, because of its location had a horrible angle for capturing my face for streaming.

Just freaking great!!!

Only thing left to do was……BUY A CAMERA- problem solved!!

Now lets move on to the microphone capture for the stream.

Playstation 5’s new microphone in the controller set up meant the capture card was not picking up my microphone on game sound.

Yep, Yet another FAIL!!!!

Further research led me to the Elagato Chatlink cable which i thought would be the end to all my troubles, and i guess, to a certain extant it did.

The chatlink cable works perfectly if its connected to your headset with a mic.

GRRRR…. I definitely don't do headsets, they make me feel all claustrophobic and like my brain is being squeezed out.

So we were back to square one.

We had no microphone and from prior experience with the camera the only solution was to……


My first tip to all new streamers, be prepared, the equipment involved in setting up streams is fairly expensive and extremely time consuming.

Planning a schedule and creating fun interactive streams is extremely important but fitting your stream time into your real life schedule can be so hard to juggle it can become gruelling, especially if you create other content, work, have a family/friends ect.

I must say after every single brick wall I hit, every corner I was backed into, after every single massive fail, Im super proud and not afraid to let the world know

I freaking did it!!

The Candy Shop is now officially open!!!

Let me add I couldn't not have done it without the support of every single on of you guys who came through and show me love, inspired me with your talents and wisdom.


I am completely grateful for your loyalty and am honoured to have you as part of the SweetAs Gang.

Thank you so much for tuning in to all my social media channels and showing support.

I appreciate you and plenty more exciting stuff to share with the gang in the coming future.

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