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Red Dead Thoughts - Fan sites and copyrights.

Players in a bit of a huff after major fan site is asked to change their logo.

Over the last month the GTA & RedDead communities have seen actions by Take2 entertainment, the parent company of RockstarGame, take action against a very large Fan site due to copyright infringement. It appears the logo of this fan site had gone against the T2 terms and conditions and were asked to change it.

The fan site was very quick to oblige and changed their logo as per the companies wishes but were still rather upset about loosing a logo they’d been using for many years.

Players of RockstarGames titles and users of the fan sites, mainly to collect game information were also upset wondering...

“why would they do that after this fan site was such a great source of information for players and also great ‘free’ promotion?”

Let me mention here this is not an article to disagree with the actions of T2 and not at all targeting fan sites.

I support fan sites and enjoy viewing fan sites that create a similar atmosphere on their pages to the game they are promoting, however I do believe in following the terms and conditions of contracts and the law in general.

As an excited gamer and content creator myself I have to admit I had been very lax in totally understanding the gaming terms and conditions for User Created Content and had clicked agree quickly so I could get to the game.

I came to realise most players would be the same and thought I’d try and simplify the terms.

After reading over both T2 and RockstarGames terms and conditions

I found some extremely interesting information that will be vital to ALL players who share content.

I highly recommend everyone who posts content to read both of these documents in full depth.

Now I’m not a lawyer, in fact, I’m just an individual who plays games, I appreciate all the informative fan sites that positively promote the game and aide in gameplay.

I also just enjoy sharing and viewing content of amazing games.

It states, these terms and conditions were designed for people like me, the individual players.

Heres my players understanding of the copyright terms and conditions provided by parent company T2 and RockstarGames.

First of all RockstarGames have quoted

Generally, Take-Two Interactive does not object to our fans using materials for non-commercial uses in a manner which does not intentionally spoil the plot for others.

Non-commercial vs commercial

Commercial can be defined as having a financial transaction for goods or services provided. Commercial businesses can contact T2 for licensing enquiries.

An exemption from financial transaction for Non-Commercial organisations is, such entities are allowed to take donations for general running costs and objectives of the organisation and for other supported charities.

Non profit organisations are required to use donations for the organisation and its purpose and can offer members gifts or rewards for their donation.

Mostly T2 are concerned with, but not limited to, the actual commercial gain from the actual copying, selling and modifying of the game software and company logos.

As individual players we are granted, not sold a user license to actually use, create and share content from gameplay however, at the end of the day because they own the game T2 own your content also

It states clearly the company can use your content if they see fit without your permission and without compensation.

Basically as an individual content creator you are more of a volunteer promotions officer and are responsible for what effects your created content has on the company and the brand name.

Generally speaking sharing content automatically binds you to T2. You actually enter a legal contract with them as you volunteer your promotions of their games so you must adhere to the volunteers law regarding defamation of the company values or brand.

It’s is completely up to the discretion of T2 to remove any content they deem inappropriately infringing on copyright and causing defamation of company/brand.

The legal terms and conditions in the code of conduct entered into by the individual content creators and the companies says posts that use the game content should not in anyway cause deformation to the company or brand.

In conclusion it’s up to T2 and RockstarGames whether they deem your material appropriate as they have granted a license for use of content and is completely up to there discretion to remove any content they feel creates adverse effects to the brand name or company.

Simplified, you have a minimal license to upload game content however you agree not to create Spoilers for other players, you won’t use or promote game modifications or cheating and most of all you WILL NOT DEFAME (damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel.) THE COMPANY OR BRAND.

As a content creator or fan site you acknowledge that defamation of brand or company WILL cause adverse effects that you are responsible for so will ensure all posts and uploads promote positivity as per the terms and conditions in the code of conduct.

Personally I believe the code of conduct and terms and conditions are fair.

Rockstar Games and Take two are quite open to communicate with individual content creators to understand their objectives and about copyright and licensing if you are a commercial organisation please refer enquiries to

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