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RockstarGames released news of upcoming new content, no big deal?

Red dead online community are still feeling a bit cautious after hearing about the upcoming summer update.... but why?

May 18th 2021 seen the official announcement, or basic road map of the up and coming content for Red Dead online.

The article promised, starting over the summer months ( Northern Hemisphere) the Red dead Online player base could expect to see some added fan wanted content and..,

..a host of new items, quality of life updates and much more

Still the a large amount of the community was not as hyped as it should’ve of been.

The first round of content,

8 new horse races locations would be arriving on May 25th.

However RockstarGames couldn’t have been more vague with the actual dates of content arrival, which had the whole community speculating on when summer actually began, and whether or not we’d see the content drop at the beginning of the season or the end.

Furthermore the speculations amongst the Red Dead Online Community for content arrival was now sooner rather than later due to the fact the current Outlaw pass no 5 would close May 31st and all coupons acquired over the pass would need to be used before the same date, this eluded some into believing June 1st could possibly be the big content update based on the fact it coincides with the regular weekly update timing.

The big update being the criminal underworld activities mentioned by RockstarGames themselves that would bring a more “Outlaw“ feel to the game which some people had felt the game was lacking.

Angelo Bronte and Guido Martelli would be some how willing to offer Red Dead online players work in

high-stakes robberies

This news had the community in an absolute frenzy of high expectations and even more speculative.

The OnlyPvPCat was quite optimistic about the up and coming content

Still the Red Dead Online player base were still asking:

When will be getting Outlaw pass number 6?

Will we get a new role or is this just a Telegram or Stranger mission?

When will we get to rob a train?

Can we get more horse stable slots?

Would we be able to tame & sell horses plus carts ?

Do you think we could get cars in Red Dead online?

Some players even went onto to ask whether the new content would even be good enough to keep them on board the Red Dead Online ship.

Since then RockstarGames kept their word and dropped the first lot of content, the new race locations and yet still the community wasn‘t as hyped as they could’ve been.

In fact most players voiced their dislike of the actual Race system and continued suggest ways the racing system could be made more enjoyable by having better match making elements and the ability to join races that were either combat enabled or disabled based on individual players preference.

An idea was offered up by the Red Dead Online community Twitter page that a race editor be added to Red Dead online like that on GTA Online, giving players the ability to create their own tracks.

I was interested to find that even though RockstarGames had communicated their up coming content yet there was still so much negativity surrounding the Summer Update that most players weren’t expecting anything.

However amongst my own small community vote around half the players were just looking forward to seeing something new.

RockstarGames newswire 1/6/2021 didnt offer any new summer update content and most people were salty that the Outlaw Pass 6 was not released due to the prior one and it’s coupons would end the day before.

Three weeks now after the Summer Update announcement RockstarGames Newswire 8/6/2021 gave us a big collectors payout and a hint what was to come in the update and when it was happening.

Red dead online players were now going to have the ability to rob homesteads and a quick note to Membership rewards, in other words new Wheeler Rawson and Co Outlaw Pass rewards.

Even though the community didn’t seem as hyped as is could have been about a new Outlaw pass with many complaints about the previous one, a good majority of the player base actually expected it.

Recently during streaming on twitch I have been asked what I personally expect the much anticipated Red Dead Online Summer Update.

Before I get into the MissCandyLicious translation of the Summer Update for Red Dead Online let me stress I have no inside information, the thoughts and theories here are my own and not to be confused as a leak of information.

As per the original newswire announcements in connection to the up coming content for the Summer update the first thing I took note of was the ambiguous use of a whole 3 month season, no dates being provided suggested to me the content would probably span over these months rather than a huge single drop of content.

Secondly, and maybe most exciting to myself was,

the most frequently fan-requested additions

I was excited to hear RockstarGames had been paying more attention to the communities suggestions and were implementing a

host of new items and lifestyle upgrades

Last but not least in anyway, the main thing that got the community buzzing was the introduction of

high stakes robberies

Red Dead online players would be given the opportunity to meet with Guido Martelli who is an Italian mobster in Saint Denis who works with Angelo Bronte another Italian mob member who has ties to some very powerful people in the city including the mayor.

Bronte is featured as a main character of chapter 4 in story mode and is very fancy the correct attire is required to carry out work with the stylish, rich Angelo.

Plus particular homesteads would now be avaliable to rob in the free Roam world.

With the latter being quite self explanatory and information collected straight from the horses mouth one might say, the other listed new content is still open to speculation.

Fan requested items and lifestyle upgrades could be anything.

Personally as a beta player and a fan one of my constant requests is the ability to buy and sell horses like in story mode.

After meeting the Davies brothers in the beginning I kind of expected Grand Theft Horse I thought breaking and taming horses would have been part of the online component.

With this added horse content one could only expect an upgrade in horse stable slots.

Only having 10 stable slots makes it very hard to purchase all 24 horses that come in numerous coats, not being able to sell an owned horse makes it hard to decide on discarding horses one paid top dollar for.

Another lifestyle upgrade could be the introduction of the long anticipated of properties.

Property concept video only

Legendary fish could also be an add on with the ability to mount fish in their moonshine shack or even a property.

The most exciting news about the update is what working with Guido Martelli associate of Angelo Bronte and the high stake robberies, will this be just another stranger with higher payout, will it be more like the telegram missions with Josiah or could it be a brand new role?

Im not 100% sure, personally I would love to see a new role that incorporates story missions like that of the moonshiner role.

As a side note it would be great to finish the story of Land of opportunities with Mrs LeClerk.

I am hoping to see some fancy attire within the Wheeler Rawson & Co Outlaw pass due to us having to work with upper society of the Saint Denis underworld.

Like I said these are just a few ideas I’ve had about the summer update in no way is this a leak it’s just my own personal red dead thoughts on the matter.

More important to me is that the update runs smoothly, nothing worse than being disconnected a million times.

With whatever comes our way from Rockstar games in this Summer update I am sure I will enjoy thoroughly just as I have the other updates.

I feel as if the Red Dead Online community are cautious which is some what understandable, however on that note Rockstar games have outlined a road map of up coming content like the community asked for and i have kept us posted that the summer update will definitely start happening early summer.


It is a big deal.

I really feel like as a community we should be doing more to bring positive vibes to such good news rather than down playing it with caution.

I mean we don't have to keep our expectations so low we don't get excited, however don't over expect and just be positive about what is incorporated into the game this summer.

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