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Rockstar Hunger Games 2

Proudly brought to you by Yangy Young

The Tributes by District
By Yangy


@YangyYoung, @RStarUniverse @ModestPelican D2:




(#1 last game)






I had found myself amongst the 3 tributes from district 7 to participate in this Hunger Games.

Myself, PapaWolf and SilentCore had decided because I was the smaller and sneakier member of D7, I would be the one to gather weapons, tools & supplies from Cornucopia as my partners made haste toward the forest to find a suitable resting area.

Initially I took quick stock of my opponents. to my surprise a lot of them were running as fast as they could away from the Cornucopia, this was obviously an advantage to me.

Quickly scanning the fastest safest route I sped like lighting to my destination.

We needed a weapon for hunting and protection, something to make fire, fishing supplies & building tools, for these essential items I would have to make it to the very centre of the Cornucopia.

Thats what I did, as I made my way speedily but cautiously I passed other tributes mostly not hostile making finds and running to safety happy with their collection, I only seen two major brawls, one person had their nose broken over a basket of bread and another over a bag.

After making it to the heart unseen I quickly collected our essential items and turned to head out toward the directions my D7 partners had fled.

I almost swallowed my tongue in shock when I came face with RockstarGames.

Our eyes held stare for less than a microsecond before I stumbled back slightly and raised my bow, aiming straight for their eyes.

I was grateful when RockstarGames held their arms up in surrender, I still wasn‘t completely sure how I would go actually killing another tribute with a bow, my skills were not as good as the could be.

I kept aim on them as I manoeuvred my way past to a better position to get to where I needed to go. RockstarGames slowly lowered to their knees and began hiding, head between theirs legs.

Realising they were not a threat, I let them hide there and sped out of the area towards safety and the rest of D7.

Out in the wilderness I practiced my archery skills as I tried to find the rest of D7.

I slept on and off in shifts worried sick about the rest of the D7.

After hearing 6 cannon booms I begged the universe to make sure they were ok.

Day 2

As the sun rose I made my way north a in a desperate hunt for the other D7 tributes

I came across a pond and with rocky enclave and made the decision to stay here and see if I could catch a fish to eat and get a good nights rest.

I was lucky enough to catch 1 small fish with a hook that lacked bait and I was overwhelmed with excitement as I lit a small fire a cooked my tasty fish friend for dinner.

Before I could take a bite I was startled by a voice echoing around the pond.

”Hello, I come in peace”

Jumping to my feet I dropped my fish and grabbed my Bow and aimed at the direction of the voice. I stepped cautiously forward to see another tribute arms raised pleading with me,

“Don’t shoot, I know you’re from D7 and I might know where your partner PapaWolf is heading”

I lower my bow instantly and reply, “PapaWolf is ok?”

To which the other tribute answers lowering there arms, “He was wounded badly but I have tended to his wounds and he’s making his way to a particular location I could give you directions to.”

I cant be sure why but for the sake of D7 I do trust their words.

That night myself and GTANET, shared a fish and a fire as they described brief directions of where to find PapaWolf, we each took shifts sleeping. It was a relief for us both that there was no cannon shots tonight.

Day 3

When I woke the next day my sleep companion had disappeared and I bothered not to waste time wonder wear they went and set out immediately on a mission to the thought location of PapaWolf.

Upon arrival I was instantly disappointed to find PapaWolf was no where to be seen.

I had to compose myself and keep positive.

Hes just not here yet, yes that’s what I told myself and began working on putting together a shack.

How proud D7 would be when they finally arrived.

Using the hammer collected from the Cornucopia,

I searched for appropriate materials

to craft this little shack.

By night fall still no signs of PapaWolf or SilentCore, however my shack had grabbed the attention of a few other tributes BeetleComet and Roger Clark.

They were non hostiles and offered to share what they had in exchange for a safe place to rest. I agreed because I felt safer with company. It was actually enjoyable discussing our thoughts on what was going to happen in the morning.

Our discussions were interrupted by curdling screams, silence fell over us as we all tried to distinguish where the cries were coming from.


The screams were coming from right in front of us a short distance away, as the calls got closer I could make out figures.

ITS WAS PapaWolf calling for help, SilentCore looked unwell and was prety much unable to walk being propped up by PapaWolf and another female tribute.

As they reach the shack SilentCore passed out from exhaustion.

Whilst making SilentCore comfortable for the night, PapaWolf explains how hard the day has been for both of them being forced to commit the sin of murder.

With this said I am sad but glad D7 are all alive and pretty much well and we are finally together.

I recommend we get some rest as day break wasnt too far off to which we all agree except for one on the new comers Kirsty, she decides to stay awake all night.

Day 4

It was definitely the stifling humidity that woke me over the rays of the sun.

I could barely breath and I was starving.

Both of my D7 team members had woken before the heat took there breath away and had left the camp early to continue searching for essential items.

I stretched the sleepiness from the muscles in my body and rubbed my eyes clear only to realise our new friends have some how come to a disagreement and Beetle comet is chasing Roger Clark.

A loud scream burst from my mouth, "WAIT!!" but they had both made so much distance neither would have heard me.

Shaking my head i decided to forget about them both and focus on my extreme thirst and hunger.

Looking through the supplies SlilentCore and acquired a small bread roll, and bottle of water from the top of the bag I started to wonder where Kirsty had gone.

To hungry to think anymore about others I ravished the roll and washed it down with the water.

Within moments I felt my lips begin to tingle followed by a strange giddiness, my eyes were unable focus and i was become very light on the feet.

Suddenly my stomach be came struck with an intense nausea and i began to throw up viciously.

Out of the corner of my eye a caught a glimpse of Kirsty in the distance and I could have sworn she was smirking.

I instantly realise Kirsty had tainted my food in a deliberate attempt to get rid of me.

Everthing went black as I lost consciousness.

don't believe me just watch.......

And the games continued.......

Recap of the whole event

The Results

Congratulations District 5.

@DirtyWorker has taken 1st place

followed by

District 8


District 2

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