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Sweet As Bounty Hunter - Rank Up feat. Gene Beau Finley


I was lucky enough to have my main man, Benson by my side to calm my nerves as we headed out of camp towards the Scarlett Meadows Sheriff's office located in Rhodes.

Benson and myself were definitely looking the part in our Carthage Bounty Hunter outfits.

We'd both purchased our Regent Gun belt and holster from the Wheeler Rawson & Co catalogue

We also sourced a Swanton eye patch from Madam Nazar.

Benson had even got a hold of some of the fancy new Hawkmoth Bolas available.

No matter how long it had been since I had felt like an actual Bounty Hunter, standing here, right now, under the lights out the front of the Sherrif's Office both myself and Benson looked like to of the Baddest Bounty hunters in the West.

I felt Damn distinguished as we approached that bounty board and i glanced over at Benson and nodded to assess if he was feeling the same way.

It was how he grinned and tipped his hat at me before gesturing towards the board that signified his feeling were mutual.

Distinguished Bounty Hunters, that was Us.

I was actually filled with pride and excitement as I read through the notice carefully.

'For those esteemed citizens already known to law enforcement.'

I came to realise I WAS actually known to law enforcement, not not because I was a Reprobate, but because I HAD progressed through my career.

Even though I hadn't taken Bounty hunting as seriously as some of my other business enterprises, I still had the Distinguished skills to catch any felon on the map.

Being a business woman could not turn down the offer, with Cripps taking care of the Trading and Maggie running the moonshine, I figured I could, no should, definitely take some time to expand my horizons and advance my skills with this new Prestigious Bounty Hunter opportunity.

Benson totally agreed and had obtained his license while I was still caught up in my thoughts.

It only took a few a seconds to finalise the transaction and obtain my Prestigious Bounty Hunter License, before i was rifling through the paperwork.

Both Benson and myself were astonished at the amount of work to be done.

First there was the Prestigious Legendary bounties that would be updated every week for 10 weeks, plus there was the Infamous group of targets.

These were groups of felons working together from seperate locations, as the information became available, as a prestigious bounty hunter one was to put a halt to their operations and capture them all.

It was A LOT of work.

Over the 5 states of the country there was 13 bounty board locations. each with its own set of Infamous Bounty work opportunities and, overall,

10 Prestigious Legendary Bounties starting this week with....

Gene 'Beau' Finley

Apparently this guy's father didn't love him

but I imagine all the ladies loved him.

In all honesty,

he was the prettiest Bounty target I'd ever had to capture

and I was thoroughly going to enjoy ruffling his shiny, golden hair and getting his fresh white suit as dirty as his deplorable thieving behaviour.

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