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SweetAs Bounty Hunter- That's me

Its been a while since I hunted a human target.

Turns out while we were busy photographing, sedating, sampling & skinning wildlife & legendary animals a whole new group of criminals had emerged from hiding.

This group of low down scoundrels obviously took over whilst the bounty hunters were busy.

Unlawfully causing havoc for townsfolk all over the countryside.

That stops NOW!!

Where there is unlawfulness there will always be a SweetAs Bounty Hunter waiting to capture the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Providing a Prestige service, protecting the people of the towns, cities and states, A Veteran Bounty hunter, a True Hero

SweetAs Bounty hunter thats me.

To be honest, before I set out on my journey to acquire the upgraded Bounty hunter's license I find myself in a state of opposing minds.

One part of me is overcome with fear, a deep seeded fear of the unknown.

The other side of me feeds of this fear ravenously and induces an excited, almost anxious rush of preparation, to ensure efficient capture.

Preparation started with strip to the stable to pick up my well trusted Bounty hunting steed breed of Horse THE BRETON


Mealy Dapple Bay Breton Stallion

Making sure he was well feed to keep his stamina up I brushed his coat thoroughly and equipped him with the Specialty bounty hunter saddle


A power full heavy set horse good for hard work and warring alike, Tutankhaten showed no fear at all.

in fact he looked fairly smug after seeing the saddle I planned to equip him with.

we both new this saddle meant business and thats what his breed was built for, BUSINESS.

Horse fully saddled up and chomping at the bit as we rode out of the stable, I cleaned my weapons thoroughly right there, then ordered a stock of bolas from the Wheeler Rawson Co Catalogue, then headed to camp to pick up my delivery.

My camp dog ARGOS the husky was there to meet me, where we chowed down one of Cripps' special stews to keep my strength up through my next endeavours.

Gathering up the 15 gold bars necessary to purchase the Bounty Hunter License I petted Argos, whistled Tut in and rode towards the nearest Bounty board to begin my Veterans Bounty hunting business.

To be continued.....

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