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The story of Agnes Dowd- tragedy or karma

Agnes Dowd‘s last resting place is the Shady Belle private Graveyard situated off the north coast of the Lannahechee river, in the Bayou NWA region of the state of Lemoyne.

The Dowd family occupied Shady belle Mansion some time after the death of it‘s former own Joseph Charlesworth in 1864.

Agnes’ headstone inscription stipulates she took her own life and the lives of OTHERS on the night is September 4th 1883, she was only 19 years old.

Tragedy? Yes.

But could Agnes’ story be the perfect example of the course of Karmatic progression?
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Could it have been deep guilt for what she had done that led to Agnes hanging herself from a tree?

The story begins with a wealthy teenage girl, smooth of skin and supple of body, her awareness of her newly acquired womanhood had been tremendously exciting for her.

She thoroughly enjoyed the looks of admiration of her womanly form from the opposite sex, and she was not even bothered if the looks come from already married men.

Agnes' parents are aware of her actions and highly disapproved.

However, to her parents' dismay Agnes makes it her business to become involved with a slightly older, already married man.

A working class man, not adverse to a few drinks after a hard days work, but most often a devoted family man, with a loyal life at home working to raise their young family and looking after her husband.

With obvious attempts to get attention, Agnes has taken advantage of the young husbands intoxicated state, using her wealth and stature, coupled with innocent, sweet talk and sexual advances.

The young husband is instantly ashamed of his actions with this teenager and realises his mistakes.

Meanwhile, Agnes vigorously tries to turn the husband away from his wife, proclaiming:

"She (the wife) never Loved You"

Begging him to leave his wife and begin a family of their own, to which he declines even after finding out Agnes herself has become pregnant by him.

Agnes is furious when the man chooses hi former husbandly responsibilities to his wife and family over her and her unborn child.

During the months leading up to the birth, Agnes' mental health is on a steep decline.

Her obsession with, the now father, of her son becomes overwhelming.

Even her mother tries to talk sense into Agnes to no avail, her mental state is completely crushed.

Deciding to visit with the father of her child to plead with him once more to leave his wife and be a family with her and his new son.

"He looks just like you"
"Please come back to me"

Sticking to his guns, the father of her child refuses to listen to her pleas and continues providing loyally to his wife and family.

This tips obsessed Agnes over the edge and on the 4th of September 1883, in one last attempt to win her lovers heart she decides to abandon her new child and go to him and make him see sense.

I gave up our son so we could be together.

Agnes' father disappointed in his daughters ability to abandon her son, he realises that this is a very deep obsession, and he has the exact idea on how to fix,

get rid of the man.

He fully arms himself and follows his daughter to invade on there meeting and 'Fix the problem"

Arguing between Agnes and her lover could be heard by her father as he approached.

Agnes instantly noticed her father dismount his horse in front of both her and her lover. She also noticed that he was armed and ready to fire.

She pleaded with her father to stop but he did not.

"Daddy stop"
Im not your little girl anymore

Amongst Agnes' cries a scuffle broke out between her father and her lover



Agnes' father shot her lover, the father of his grandson in cold blood.

He had fixed his daughters obsession, or so he thought.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he turned to comfort his daughter and she was holding a pistol aimed right at his face.

Agnes' father softened his stare and looked deep in her eyes searching for some sought of emotional empathy, but there was nothing but a blazing rage.

Before he could open his mouth to plead with his daughter she shot him point blank with out even flinching.

Over come with an eerie calm she walked away from the situation without even wiping her own fathers blood splatter from her face.

Sheathed in this terrifying calm, the obsessed Agnes could be heard calling to the spirit of her dead lover.

"Meet me at our tree"
"I'll be waiting for you."

She then slowly, but decisively slipped a noose around her thin neck and hung herself hoping to relieve her agony, however her spirit was forever cursed to relive the moments of her life that led up to her death for eternity.

Numerous sightings of the tormented soul of Agnes Dowd are still recorded by locals from around the BlueWater Marsh.

Encounters with the Ghost Of Agnes Dowd in Red Dead Redemption 2

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