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Twitch Time ~ Whats happening in the CandyShop

Last month saw the grand opening of

the Candy Shop

on Twitch.

The offical ‘Affiliated’ Sweet As gang meeting place.

After just over 6 months of serious streaming we finally made it to Twitch affiliate status and I was more than overwhelmed by the immense support I had received from so many amazing people.

Because of the loyalty and support of every Sweet As Gang member I had accomplished a goal and achieved a dream.

I can not thank you all enough or express my gratitude in words.

My plan to repay you awesome individuals is, to provide you with the most entertaining stream I can possibly muster.

Over the upcoming weeks we have some exciting things coming to the stream.

Regular Candy Shop Trading hours:

Monday- Thursday

8am- 12pm

AEST (Sydney) Time +10

Mondays & Wednesday

8am - 10am

Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode play through

10am- 12pm

Red Red Online- Red Dead Dallies, Grinding gold ,Grabbing blood money and collecting capitale.

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Red Dead Online

Im excited to announce after completing the Red dead Redemption 2 story mode, for

Mondays and Wednesdays

we will be going straight into a play through of

Red dead Redemption 1.

This will be my very first play through of the game and I'm looking forward

to sharing my first reactions with you guys and also hopefully getting a few hints on game play from some of our old school red Dead family members.

Once the first part of Red dead redemption is finished we will waste no time and jump straight into

undead nightmare,

which I'm hoping you all come through to support me because I scare easily in games and this one seems spooky, yes thats right another first time play through for me on the Undead night mare.

Stream Point Rewards

To make things a bit more fun I’m giving gang members as much control over the stream as possible, keep in mind this stream is for your viewing pleasure.

Our current Candy cash economy has many rewards, and many to be added, for you to take control of the game play for instance, weapons choices, outfit and horse changes, sound alerts and many more.

Candy cash can be earned by just watching the stream but, keep in mind hosting and raiding will gain you extra and cash to spend on rewards to give you the power over the stream.

Another super cute edition to our stream is our very own pet dragon. Feed him, Make him Speak, Battle him and Breed him all with Candy cash rewards.

Remember dragons protect gold and wealth keeping, dyLicious, our pet dragon happy will be beneficial for wealth.

Im also looking at adding some of your favourite twitch extensions to interact with you all in more fun ways.

Choose what I wear - Candy Cosplay

Another way gang members can now be involved in stream control is choosing the cosplay outfit they wish to see my stream in.

Thats right Im giving the gang the opportunity to choose what clothes i will wear on stream.

Procedure as follows:

  • Every month you will be given the chance to vote on a particular outfit you wish to see me stream in.

  • Donations will be taken to obtain the outfit ( I will personally donate 25% of the cost)

  • I will wear the outfit for the whole stream and will offer live enactments of red dead online emotes as rewards.

Our first vote has already taken place and the gang has spoken.

We our now looking to raise funds to obtain the Saint Denis saloon Girl Costume.

Our Current Donation goal is AU$110.00

Donations can be made live on stream or by clicking the

contributions banner below

Can we play online with you?

Yes, you most definitely can.

Coming this September out Sweet As Gang community meet up on Playstation #SweetMeets giving twitch followers and subscribers the chance to play in a live session.

For further information click the picture to the right and visit the #SweetMeets info page

But what bout a subathon?

Great question.

Don’t worry I have a Sweet as gang follower Sub Goal and follower goal.

300 followers and 50 Subscribers

Plans have been set when we reach our goal the gang will be rewarded with a Candy the Clown stream, where I will perform for you live on stream, my best clown comedy ever.

Candy The Clown stream

Join me live from the SweetAs Circus playing the standard Red dead all day stuff dressed as, you guessed it, a clown.

Plus we take adventure through a few playstation Carnivale theme games.

During the stream you will be amazed by some of the best Candy clown comedy magic you will have ever had the pleasure to witness.

The Greatest thing about clowns is Cream Pies.

Cream pies in clown faces.

Do you wanna see Candy The Clown Get Cream Pied?

You Can!!!!

During the clown stream if we raise 10000 bits at the end of the stream you will be rewarded with seeing me cop a cream pie to my clown face.

I foresee an extremely exciting few months coming from the CandyShop over Twitch. Im looking forward to see you all join me on this brilliant adventure.

Big Loves SweetAs Gang

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