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Veteran- Prestigious Bounty Hunter items

Updated: Sep 10

A brief look over a few of the additions to the bounty hunter role


Rank 21-24



Basic Bounty wagon Liveries

apply a simple coat of paint

Regent Holster $235.00

Regent Gun Belt $175.00

Swanton Eye Patch 15 Gold bars

Moray Spurs $265.00

Hawkmoth, Brookstone

& Gravesend Bolas variants

Upland Saddle $437.50


Rank 24-30

Bounty Hunter


Elaborate Bounty wagon Liveries

apply a decorative coat of paint

Spin & Aim emote

Tollbar Knuckles 12 gold

Lemat revolver Variant 21 gold bars

Thorogood Outfit $345.00

Unlocks at Rank 30

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