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Bounty Hunter. The Basics

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Make your way to Rhodes and keep a look out for the 'Woman with no name'

Encounter this woman to be offered job opportunities that you

may want to refuse.

Down right dirty criminals to hot for the law to handle.

The "woman with no name' is the Legendary Bounty hunter,

obtain your license and procure all necessary equipment to capture the targets if you dare.

Become a Bounty hunter and work your way through the ranks to unlock these cool items.

Unlocked at Rank 10



*Sorrel & Red Roan Rank 0-5

*Seal Brown & Grullo Dun Rank 10-15

*Mealy Dapple Bay & Steel Gray Rank 15-20


Delgado saddle

Bolas $30.00 each

Reinforced lasso $350.00

Wakeeney Rank 0

The Bullard Rank 5

The Garwood Rank 10

The Carthage Rank 15

Bounty Hunter Camp Theme Rank 5 Cost $700

Purchased from Cripps

At the

Wilderness Outfitters

The Guerrero Gun Belt $125.00 & Holster $93.75

Available from the Gun Smith

Weapon Variants

Available from the gun smith

Bolt Action Rifle Variant $350

Schofield Revolver Variant $600

Bounty Hunter Accessories

Sold by


Blackbone Ring unlocks Rank 5-10

Bull's Eye Gloves Unlocks Rank 10-15

Red Heart Eye Patch Rank unlock 15-20

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