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What’s on the CandyShop menu 2022

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

This year SweetAsGang members can look forward to some sweet ways to interact in chat and even take certain control over game and stream actions.

Here’s a detailed look at what specials are for offer on the CandyShop menu.

Free for everyone to interact with the chat and the stream are the


Join the chat, Agree to the rules & Simply type any of the Emote commands below to see a splash of MissCandyLicious SweetAs Gang emotes (custom created by myself) across the stream screen.

The first major community currency used in chat is CandyCash

CandyCash is the CandyShop Twitch currency earned by viewing, hosting & raiding.

SweetAs Gang members can redeem CandyCash by clicking the the icon located at the bottom left of the chat that reveals a menu of super sweet stream related rewards & their cost.

This is DyLicious our SweetAs Dragon.

DyLicious is the Guardian of the Gold.

Keeping our dragon healthy & happy by Feeding, Battling & Breeding him will ensure he’s strong enough to protect the gold.

CandyCash can be used to get DyLicious to deliver a special message live on stream.

Clicking the CandyCash icon will also allow members to see how much CandyCash they have accumulated over time.

The other currency earned in the CandyShop is SweetCents.

To earn SweetCents, SweetAs gang members must try their luck & participate in the CandyShop mini games.

To access the amount of SweetCents earned type !points

SweetCents can be redeemed for numerous rewards by typing

!redeem followed by the chosen reward

Sound Rewards cost 100 SweetCents each

Other rewards & the SweetCents (sc) cost

Don’t be shy.

Stop by the CandyShop and indulge in some of these scrumptious menu items.

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