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We are Parents, Taronga Zoo Parents that is

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It is with great honour that I announce the SweetAsGang’s involvement with the Taronga Zoo.

As of December 2021 we are now the proud parents of THE PLATYPUS.

A unique amphibious egg laying mammal endemic to Australia.

Each month $20.00 of all proceeds from the CandyShop, including Subs & Merch will go into supporting the spectacular research into rescue, reproduction & habitat restoration undertaken by the wonderful team at Taronga Zoo.

With our small monthly contribution, we will aid in Taronga Zoo’s protection & conservation of the platypus which, studies have proven without our help the numbers of the unique egg laying mammal, will decline by half within 50 years.

Photo credit Taronga zoo

The Taronga Zoo research centres aim to facilitate an extensive knowledge on the platypus & its habitat to ensure its population continues to thrive in the natural Australian environment.

Be sure to be watching for our live platypus update streams, which will include information on our baby platypus, Perry & his family at Taronga Zoo.

Also be on the lookout for Our new Perry the platypus emotes coming soon.

Be sure to be following me on twitch with notifications on so you don't miss any info of Live Perry the Platypus Streams.

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