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Backpack action- Simple way to get a backpack on Fallout 76

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Every fallout player needs to be at their maximum carry weight potential to avoid being slowed down By being over in-cumbered.

Backpacks are a perfect way to up the anti-on your ability to carry items including mads, weapons, armour, ammo, and crafting materials.

There are two ways of obtaining a backpack

•Collecting plans for the small backpack

•Completing the tadpole quest for a large backpack

By far the easiest way to obtain a backpack is to retrieve the plans from


Collect the plans for the small backpack in the overseas cache box.

Found near the responders terminal omup the stairs on the second floor of the Morgantown Airport terminal.

After reading the plans the backpack is now unlocked and available for crafting at the Armour workbench using




The amount of extra carry weight is based on the individual characters level and maximises at level 50

After crafting your backpack you will be able to modify your backpack with skins.

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