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Fallout Friday - New Twitch Stream addition

A new addition to the CandyShop stream menu will be our weekly Fallout Friday event.

Continuing through quests of the main story line to set off a the nuke and completing the Wastelanders quest line will be the main objectives.

Thankfully during my travels I will be joined by Epimenides299 To help me battle my way through the vast environment of Appalachia.

Land hermit crab

Rabid Beaver

We are currently looking for other sweet as gang members who would be interested in joining us on our Fallout 76 journey.

Both low and high level players are encouraged to join as we wish to share as much knowledge about this game amongst the community as possible whilst helping others and having fun doing so.

To keep things as safe as possible We will be running our events from the fallout 76 Private server.

At this point private servers only allow eight players per world which means we are able to take another 6 sweet as gang members per event.

Scorched beast

If you are interested in joining one of the fallout 76 events from the candy shop be sure to join the discord and introduce yourself in the fallout 76 chat.

Let us know whether you want to join a live stream event (or just play casually), your level and note your time zone so we can schedule events at good times for all SweetAs gang members who wish to get involved.

Currently in the discord we have a few different threads to share information, post pics and just generally chat about the game.

In the coming future we will be asking all fallout 76 event participants (and other online game community players) to join the new up and coming members area of the website to create a secure and more personalised Community gaming experience.

Looking forward to sharing some FallOutFun with all the SweetAsGang

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