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Sticky situations Without Adhesive in Fallout 76

Adhesive is one of the most necessary resources to your survival amongst the Appalachian environment.

You will need adhesive to repair weapons and armour.

During exploration one can obtain adhesive by collecting and scrapping

•Duct tape

•Military duct tape

•Wonder glue

Crafting vegetable starch at a cooking station is also an alternative for adhesive. (No Recipe plan required)


•Purified water x1

•Tato x2

•Mutfruit x2

•Corn x2

Crop produce can be collected from Cobbleton farm located east of the big Ferris wheel and just north of the golden cow on the left side of the map and planted at your own C.A.M.P to continue farming.

Twitch Video Highlight of The SweetAs Settlement Adhesive farm

Purified water can be collected around Appalachia on your travels, bought from some venders and from personally crafted water purifiers in your C.A.M.P.

Plans for water purification units can be found:

*In the overseers Cache at Camp McClintock

*The Charleston Capitol Building overseers cache inside the doors of the DMV.

A small water purification unit plan can be obtained after capturing the *Tyler County Dirt Track workshop.

To plant your new crops fertiliser is also needed, more info on fertiliser and alternative solutions coming soon.

Crop harvesting time is Approximately 51 minutes.

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