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Players are Unhappy & to be honest, so am I

Ok, you all know me

I always try to find the positive in what Rockstar come up with even if it means loosing the respect of the community.

Now don't get me wrong

in my opinion its worth 15 Gold bars.

I've mentioned before the Bounty Hunter role was the least explored for me amongst the 3 Frontier pursuits roles and I am actually looking forward to really taking these next 10 levels slowly to fully immerse myself in the Role.

I think the cosmetic rewards are very high quality items some of which I have been waiting for since the Beta days.

Im loving the whole 'Pimp my wagon' experience with the new Liveries available for the bounty wagons, the clothing, weapon equipment and variants are exquisite.

The same is such for Wheeler Rawson & Co Club Outlaw Pass no.4,

Totally worth the 40 gold bars that you eventually make back with the added RDO$400 + 10 Gold Bar rebate.

Like most players, I can't wait to unlock Arthur Morgans Blue coat,

plus how exciting are the moonshine decor Frames, camp flags and photo backdrops, with photos from the Red Dead virtual photography community winners of the Social club Naturalist photo competition.

Big Congrats to all the winners

Outlaw Pass items are free,

however the Bounty hunter rank rewards come at an

extremely high cost.

Im not Liking this.

To be honest the Red Dead Online economy has always been a complete mystery to me.

The incomings are slow and low in comparison to the expensive outgoings and its totally frustrating.

In fact its such a slow start up that I don't know if many players would continue if they were forced to buy in game currency.

And lets make a note of how I definitely dont like the actually cost of the gold bars.

For instance it $14.95 AUS for 25 gold bars as you bare this in mind the Bounty Hunter Lemat revolver variant is worth 21 gold bars.

Can you actually justify paying $15.00 for gun variants when you get the whole Red Dead Online standalone game for $7.00?

I for one can not.

Don't get me wrong guys, I completely understand inflation, but if you are going to inflate the cost of things its only fair to increase the money earned.

Rockstar Games have done the complete opposite to this. Obviously they are a business and are in the business game to make money.

I totally agree with this how could you not.

I was even happy that with the stand alone being created to increase sales buy whatever means necessary,

but to entice new players to game they are not going to be able to afford will be totally disheartening.

My main qualm is, what they are calling the

'Balancing of the Daily Challenges'

by this they meant reducing the amount of gold to be earned from Daily Challenges by 50%.

Also from now on Daily challenge streaks will never pass day 28 as they will now be reset, this means no more 0.25 gold bars for longer than a week.

Further reductions to earnings included a 25% reduction in the sale of Farm animal samples to Harriet.

In Conclusion, I kinda feel ripped off, the decrease in my pay means I can't afford the increase in item prices.

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