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No Update........Happy or Nah?

With the lack of any news about, or any content update earlier this week, some of the Red Dead Online community are up in arms.

The disdain may of started last Friday 13th November when Rockstar games posted on the Newswire that there would be an extension on purchasing the Halloween Outlaw Pass until November 30th and that the the prior weeks bonuses would carry on through another week until November 23rd.

Now one may be thinking……..

Well thats pretty great because the Halloween Outlaw pass rewards are pretty damn cool.

Gothic Moonshine Shack Decor

Further more you might even be happy that you're able to pick up a limited clothing item you may have missed from last week, and to be honest you may not have even expected anything.

However some of the Red Dead Online Community were expecting something.

Over the last couple of weeks there’s been a few leaks of in game content files being discovered and that caused speculation to the update arriving sooner than later.

With a Rockstar Games announcement earlier this year of an expansion to an already existing role, coupled with the fact just as of recent there was a german article posted interviewing a Rockstar Games worker who went on to say:

Totally grabbed the attention of the majority of the players but, mostly excited the Red Dead Online Community’s Content Cravers.

Im not sure where it evolved from but, this news, apparently solidified speculations that there would be an Outlaws Expansion being added to the Bounty hunter role. People were even gossiping about finally being able to hold up trains and rob them and also do bank robberies.

All the bad ass things every Red dead Online player has been dreaming about doing from the very beginning.





I’ve been playing Red Dead Online for 2 years now, since the very beginning BETA days.

Yes I have maxed out the current 5 roles.

If you have played Red Dead Online and have taken on the role as a Naturalist you will be fully aware it turned out to be quite expensive, so I was totally excited about getting to gain back some of my finances in some new ‘action packed’ bounty business adventure people were speculating about.

In actuality I thought Train and Bank robberies would both be a part of the online game based on the Story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 so just the inkling of finally getting to fulfil my outlaw potential was more than exciting.

On that not I completely empathise with Content Cravers but maybe some could be called Extreme content Cravers.

On a grand scale of things a good majority of the Red Dead Online community were not expecting a thing not even a discount on cans of beans.

I just wonder how long the community will put up with the lack of news or content from Rockstar Games before the circus rolls back into town and the clowns let loose.

In all honesty even though a few players were salty it seemed most were fine with the limited items and bonuses being carried into another week.

Some were even giving to suggestions on what other limited items they would like to see in the upcoming weeks.

Whilst scrolling/researching all things Red Dead related I came to find out that Red Dead Redemption had sold over 30 million copies since its release 2 years ago and was actually one of the top money making games for the financial year.

That suggested to me there was actually a hell of a lot of

new players.

It was then I took stock of all the content released over the last 2 years and it was obvious any new player faced with the amount of content would be undeniably overwhelmed.

I mean lets face it Red Dead Online Jobs pay like its 1898 but they charge you for items like it 2018.

It’s slow to make money.

So lets take a brief look at all the content a new player has to face as they begin their Red Dead Online journey.

First and foremost, the player has 13 missions to complete as the base story

for the online version of the game,

These missions are based around

Mrs Jessica LeClerk and helping find her late husbands murderer.

Then there is the 18 seperate strangers on the map to visit offering different jobs including, paid killings, Hunting, caravan escorts, supply destruction, mail delivery and more.

Challenges are offered on a daily basis where you can earn gold, whilst in free roam players will be invited to different events, such as

*lake fishing and wild animal kills challenges against other players,

*challenges that include capturing a train or collecting armour to be the player who spent the most amounts of time in each.

Then you also have the opportunity to to take part in a few different PVP Showdown modes as teams or solo.

Plenty of content to pursue and after a long, hard grind you will have, eventually earned enough gold bars to purchase one of the three




In my opinion all roles are as lucrative as each other so your choice will be based on what you want to experience the most in the game.

If you like to take slow, long horse rides over the countryside, the COLLECTOR role is perfect for you.

As a collector you have the ability to explore the diverse environments whilst making money.

The initial start up cost includes your collector bag plus Divination skills to hone in on precious collectables, however you will have to visit Madam Nazar to purchase your shovel and your metal detector wont be available for purchase until level 5.

Completed sets for trade can be sold for between


Maybe hunting is what you love, in this case the TRADER role right up your alley.

Go into business with your current camp advisor Crips for 15 gold bars and you will never have to visit a local butcher again. Cripps will butcher your hunted materials and prepare them as goods for large scale sales, he even provides a small delivery wagon, that provides an opportunity to upgrade to a Large delivery wagon as you progress through the role leading to sales earning up to $625.00 per full load.

The TRADER role gives the player the ability to maximise their hunting hauls by purchasing a hunting wagon to stow larger loads, For an added cost Cripps will offer to cook for you if you buy him a cooking pot he will crafted edible delicacies that fortify Health, Stamina & Dead Eye cores.

The BOUNTY HUNTER Role seems to be quite popular for obvious reasons. If you want action, this is the most action packed role of the 3 Frontier Pursuits.

You get to become the badass BOUNTY HUNTER traversing the terrain, checking local bounty boards for criminals terrorising towns with there scandalous behaviours and capturing them to protect all the local towns folk.

You will also be asked to capture some of the nastiest criminals of the country in a set of 10 LEGENDARY BOUNTIES which can be completed on five different difficulty levels for the players who want more of a challenge.

Bounty payouts range in price from $30- $150.

Keep in mind Bounty Targets are more valuable when brought alive, its recommended you purchase the reinforced lasso and any Bounty Hunter needing to bring in more than one Target will obviously need a form of transport for multiples so you will definitely have to purchase a bounty wagon,

Once you've earned 25 gold bars your now finally financially able to purchase the Moonshine Shack.

This role opens up 5 brand new story missions introducing us to a different group of characters, Maggie Fike and the Moonshiners our newest business partners. Together you will become the greatest moonshiners in the west. Moonshine shacks are Expandable you can even choose from different decors for that personal feel, for added costs. You ARE going to want to spend money and gold on your Moonshine shack expansions to ensure you get the most value per batch of moonshine. Moonshine delivery payouts range from $70- $247 depending on you type.

The Moonshine shack is for everyone who wants to get intoxicated and have huge party,


Players ready for a serious hoedown

Yee Haww!!!

When you aren't doing bootlegger missions or selling a fresh batch of Moonshine, for an added cost you can expand your shack to have its own band.

You and your posse can party up, drinking your own shine and showing off you dance moves on the dance floor or even show off your musical prowess by actually playing an instrument with the band.

Finally, last, but not at all least, THE NATURALIST Role is the games newest addition and is for all the players with a love for animals. If you are the kind of player who like to spend time Tracking and Photographing animals you are going to love this role, however its not recommended for the player who's a light in the pocket department.

After an encounter with 2 new major Characters HARRIET and GUS, you will receive an animal field guide to complete and a map for 25 gold bars.

Harriet is a sweet animal conservationist and wishes for you to track, study, photograph, and collect samples of animals within the field guide so she can carry out scientific research and find a way to protect them from Hunters. For added costs Harriet will provide you with the tools to humanely get your samples and becomes quite sour if you kill one of her furry friends.

To track study and photograph you can purchase an Advanced camera from the Wheeler Rawson & co Catalogue at extra cost to capture the perfect shots.

After tracking, studying, photographing and sampling from the Animal Field Guide you will note you also have to Kill and skin each species, and this is where GUS comes into it.

Gus is a big game hunter and taxidermist who will pay extra cash for pelts to fashion unique clothing items, and spiritual trinkets to enhance your skills

The most exciting part of the naturalist role is the introduction of 47 LEGENDARY ANIMALS.

You can get direct access to some of these animals by visiting Harriet all the other Legendary creatures are living wild in free roam where the naturalist must use there map to find the location and just be lucky to sight it.

Harriet pays more for the Legendary animal sample and if you are prepared to empty you pockets to Gus, after selling him your legendary pelt, he will craft a fancy, trophy-head coat from that particular Legendary animal to show off you hunting skills.

Ok so, just writing about the amount of content to overwhelm new Red Dead Online Players is overwhelming me.

Being a Beta player I realise I was at a huge advantage after playing for almost a year before the first Frontier Pursuits update. I definitely was not lacking in the finances and I found a new empathy with players with low funds.

In just over a year Rockstar Games have provided us with

FRONTIER PURSUITS a 3 role adventure

MOONSHINER ROLE with 5 in-depth story missions

NATURALIST ROLE complex environmental study type role.

Plus lets not forget three limited time Wheeler Rawson & Co Club OutLaw passes released in the past and also most recently, The Halloween pass, that come with awesome rewards well worth the initial buying cost.

We also have to be mindful that all the 5 roles come with specific designed outfits, weapon variants, horse tack ect,

that , as you guessed can be purchased from the Wheeler Rawson Co Catalogue, along with plenty of other finely detailed non role related items including clothing, weapons and emotes, for an


There is actually so much content after playing well over 2500 hours over the last two years I still find value in every aspect of RED DEAD ONLINE.

If I'm totally honest I don’t think anything will stop my love for the Red Dead Scenery.

The landscapes down to individual pieces of grass,

the sunrises and sunsets,

the moon and the stars, the use of actual constellations in a digital sky is pure genius,

to me RED DEAD ONLINE is the best game ever.

I admit, I am a Content Craver, I DO want more content but I'm not rushing Rockstar Games,

My hope is I get top play the in the most complex wild western environment for decades.

In conclusion my answer to the question

No Update?

Happy or Nah?

is Im Totally HAPPY

No pressure from me here

......but I still want a boat,

and a house.

no pressure though

just a few


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