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You can get a hat just like Arthur’s from OZTRALA

Have you been looking for a hat like everybody’s favourite Cowboy, Arthur Morgan, just like me?

The Haraway Hat

Well look no more cowpokes. I think i have sourced one very similar.

After a hell of a lot of searching I came across a company right here in Australia.

Oztrala have been handcrafting premium hats, accessories and gifts from the finest quality materials for 25 years.

Certified leather sourced from legal farms conforming to all appropriate laws.

Catering to all sizes, Men women and children.

Specialty Leathers include Buffalo,

Crocodile & Kangaroo

Straw Hats

PU leather, or polyurethane leather

PU leather is completely artificial.

Is mostly considered Vegan Friendly

Canvas Hats


Choose a band that fits your style or choose are few to switch it up
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From AU $9.28


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Check out all these great items and more from the Oztrala Bay store

*Shipping costs apply

*Check your country Laws on importing leather products

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