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Rank 21-30 Outlaw Pass 5 Rewards

A detailed look at the Red dead online, Wheeler Rawson & Co outlaw pass rewards in game

50% off Boots


Claim in the benefits section of the start menu

Photography Backdrop- the Parlour

Use at the Photographers located in Saint Denis or Blackwater

Amazed Emote

Equip in your emote wheel

5 Legendary animal Pheromones

Visit Harriet to claim you bonus.

Faucheux pants

Neatly woven from the finest quality wool, these pants are hard wearing but stylish, detailed with superbly coloured eye shaped patches.

Equip your pants from your wardrobe.

25 Free Trader goods

Tousled mane- stone

Claim for free at your local stables.

Fake beard

A bunch of Straw fashioned into a beard.

found in the Bandana section of your wardrobe.

Photo Filter- Dishonourable

Collectibles parcel

3 gold bars

Claim from the benefits section of the start menu

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