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Rank 31-40 Outlaw Pass 5 Rewards

A detailed look at the Red dead online, Wheeler Rawson & Co outlaw pass rewards in game

Photograph- Bull moose

Equip with Maggie at your Moonshine shack

Ammo parcel

Collect from your lock box at camp.


*Poison arrows

*Small game arrows

Longarm cloth wrap- Saffron

Equip at your local gunsmith

Moonshine ingredients Parcel

Listen Emote

Equip in your emote wheel.

200 free sedative ammo

Claim in the benefits section of the start menu

Tousled Mane natural

Claim free at your local stables.

Collectibles Parcel

delivered direct to you.

Provisions parcel

*Potent Miracle tonics



Face palm emote

Equip in your emote wheel.

Longarm cloth wrap- Jewel wilderness

Equip at the gunsmith

Components-> Wraps-> Cloth wraps

Buckle Reward Greysnout Buckle

Equip in your wardrobe

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