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Rank 41-50 Outlaw Pass 5 Rewards

A detailed look at the Red dead online, Wheeler Rawson & Co outlaw pass rewards in game 41-50

Photo Filter - Two Strip

Use with the Advance Camera

Unkempt Mane

Visit The local stable to claim.

Cloth Wrap- Natural

Visit your local gunsmith to equip

Mash refill

Speak with Marcel at your moonshine shack to utilise your offer

Faucheux Hat

Equip in the hat section of your wardrobe

Unkempt Mane - Natural

Visit your local stables to claim.

Horse Moustache - Handlebar

In a variety of colours, visit your local stable to claim.

5 Legendary Pheromones

Naturalist can use these whilst sampling for harriet

Ammo Parcel

•Split Point ammo for all relevant weapons

•Incendiary Buck shot rounds

•Fire Arrows

40% XP Point Boost

Tousled Mane- Black & White

Claim from your local stables

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