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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 1-10

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Scarlet Cloth Wrap

Claim from the gunsmith

15% Role XP Boost

Efficient Cooking

Whilst cooking you now have the skill to cook multiple meats at once.


Claim in your benefits section in the start menu

Entertainers pose

A pose for a 7 member Posse for use at any Photographer

Lucky Hat

3 Gold Bars

Claim in the benefits section of the start menu

Inquisitive walk style

Change your walk style in the online options in the player menu.

Ammo Parcel

Clam Juice Camp flag

Enquire with Cripps at the Wilderness Outfitters to change Flags

Bison Photograph Backdrop

Use at the photographer

Horse Care Parcel

A selection of items to keep your equine friend in top shape.

Falls Photograph

Displayed behind the bar in your Moonshine shack.

Talk to Maggie to make the change

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