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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 31-40

Frayed Mane

Claim reward at any stable

Framed Photograph

Dawn Elk

"Tall Trees" captured by G-dog123045 (

Coupon - Long arm metal colour change

Camp Flag- Festa soda

Change with crips at the wilderness outfitters at your camp

Horse care parcel

Clothing- Lowden Chaps

Full length chaps featuring silver trimming on Leather and suede with fur cuffed bottom.

Cloth Wrap - Magenta

Equip at the Gunsmith

Gun care parcel

Parcel of Gun oil to clean weapons.

Coupon - Free Select Boots

Claim at the local Tailors

Iron Tooth Face Mask

Skull mask made from rough iron.

Found in your wardrobe.

Horse Tail Wild - Black and white

Claim at the stable

Offer- 3 Gold Bars

Transfered directly to your account once rank is reached

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