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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 41-50

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Advanced Camera Filter -Kill Cam

Filter available use with the Advanced Camera

( Advanced camera sold separately from the wheel Rawsona co catalogue)

Coupon - Mash Refil

Free Mash refill to use with marcel at your moonshine shack

Collectables parcel

Ase;ection of Collectable to add to your collectors bag for selling to Madam Nazar.

Cloth Wrap -Amber

Free Long arm wrap. Claim at your local gunsmith.

Ammo Parcel

*Throwing Knives

*Fire Bottles



Camp Flag- B.S Edwards Gelatin

Equip your flag with Cripps at the wilderness outfitters at your camp.

Beckon Emote

Emotes available to equip in n you emote wheel.

Coupon 200 sedative rounds

Claim in the benefits section of the star menu.

Naturalists can use these to collect samples of animals to sell Harriet.

Horse Reward- Frayed Main White & Auburn

Claim free at your local Stables

Moonshine ingredients parcel

A selection of quality ingredients to produce the finest moonshine.

Collect directly from your camp lockbox.

Coupon- Free Ability card

Check out this video on Ability Cards by @OnlyPVPCat

Follow OnlyPvPCat on youtube for more great videos

Split Hair Buckle

Equip your buckle directly from your wardrobe.

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