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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 51-60

Framed Photograph - Hunting Cougar

for use in your moonshine shack

Claim with maggie at the moonshine store

Horse Reward- Loose Main White & Black

Claim free at your local Stables

Advanced Camera Filter -Injured

Filter available use with the Advanced Camera

( Advanced camera sold separately from the wheel Rawsona co catalogue)

Ammo Parcel

*Shotgun Slugs

*Poison arrows

*Small game arrows

Coupon Free Hat

Reward- 3 Gold bars

Coupon- 5 Free Legendary Pheromones

Claim from the benefits sections of the start menu to redeem with harriet at her tent.

Camp Flag- Baltz Brewery

Equip your flag with Cripps at the wilderness outfitters at your camp.

Reward RDO$100

Idea Emote

Emotes available to equip in n you emote wheel.

Horse Reward - wild Tail White & auburn

Claim free at your local stable

Ammo Pouch Upgrade -Rifle

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