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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 61-70

Sleek mane- Black & White

Claim free at the stables

Dead Eye Filter

for use with the Advanced camera ( sold separately)

Free Select Role Items

Get 1 select Clothing Item, Outfit, Accessory or Emote from any of your current Roles for free.

Ammo Parcel

  • Pistol, repeater and revolver ammo,

  • Incendiary Buckshot shotgun ammo

  • Fire arrows.

Cloth Wrap - Emerald

Longarm cloth wrap in a fancy green

Equip for free at the local Gunsmith

30% Role XP Boost

Increase the amount of Role XP you gain by a maximum of 30%.

Free ability card Upgrade

Unlock 1 Ability Card Upgrade.

Washwood Fur Coat

A heavy fur coat, perfect for the winter months.

Pose reward

Recover Agents Pose

Photo Reward

Follow @XermZander on Twitter

Yellow pass Filter

Use with the Advanced Camera

3 Gold Bars

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