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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 71-80

Sleek Mane - White & Black

Claim free at your local stables

Select Coats

Choose a free coat from our selected range

Cloth Wrap - White

A colored cloth wrap to decorate your Longarms.

Provisions Parcel

A hamper with Special Tonics and seasoned Big Game meat.

Oscroft Gloves

Thick fur gloves with a silver bear's head.

Rattletail Buckle

An intricate buckle.

Bar Decor

Speak to Maggie to claim your discount.

Get 5 Gold Bars off a Bar Décor of your choice.

3 Gold Bars

A 3 Gold Bar Reward.

Cuckoo emote

Call them crazy.

Equip in your emote wheel

Wild Tail - Auburn & White

A new tail for your horse.

Camp flag- Sunset Mare

A graphic flag for your Camp featuring a Selected photo from community member Press-A from The Naturalist Photo Community Challenge.

Mystery Reward

Unlock a future item for free with this Reward.

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