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WR&Co Club Rewards - OutLaw Pass no.4 Rank 81-90

Bleach Bypass Filter

use with advanced camera

3 gold bars

Directly deposited into your bank

Collectables Parcel

A selection of fine collectable to sell to Madam Nazar

Ammo pouch upgrade

You can now carry more pistol ammo

Ammo parcel

  • Shot gun shells

  • poison Arrows

  • Small game arrows

Gable Charm

Equip in the Weapon Equipment section of the wardrobe under Trinkets

Free Poncho

Claim free at the tailors or directly from the catalogue

Banjo Photo pose

Gather your Posse to play a ditty in pose at the p[photographers located in Blackwater and Saint Denis.

Sleek main- White & Auburn

claim from the local stables

Ammo parcel

  • Explosive Rounds

  • Dynamite arrows

3 Gold bars

Red Husky

Claim your free dog from the wilderness outfitters at your camp

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