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2021 Schedule Join me on path to Twitch Affiliate

It’s hard to believe it all started with a dream.

Beryl’s Dream

This captured moment inspired me to begin a Twitter to share the captivating scenery of Red Dead Online.

Over the last 18 months I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from the Twitter community, in fact, I actually felt so motivated by the wonderful response that I decided to start live streaming.

I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with you all live, so this year Ive decided to get serious about streaming.

I will mainly be streaming Red Dead Online daily with fortnightly #WardrobeWednesday streams in store at Wheeler Rawson & Co.

However to keep everyone entertained I’ve decided to add a bit extra to the schedule.

You might already know that I consider myself a bit RockstarGames enthusiast not a full ‘FanGirl’

In my opinion to gain true fan girl status one should have played ALL the RockstarGames titles from start to finish.

I confess. I have not.

Even though I know the stories based on playing all these games for.... let’s just say, a long time not to put too much focus on my age, but I‘ve never personally played the stories from start to finish.

This year I’m making it a goal to get through as many of the retro RockstarGames titles as I can to upgrade my ‘FanGirl’ status and I’m inviting you all to join me fortnightly in a Thursday night #RockstarRumble stream.

It’s actually totally exciting to me that RockstarGames and PlayStation have made these ancient titles, that spanned across many consoles over the years, available to play all on the one console.

Im hoping you all join me live for this nostalgic adventure.

As a Playstation owner with a current PSN subscription I have access to free games each month and I absolutely love free stuff so I made the executive decision to give these freebies a bit of promotion via a weekly #PSPlusPlays stream on Friday afternoons.

With all this on the itinerary, I just need travel companions to join me on the

Path to Twitch Affiliate.

Be geared up and ready for one Wild adventure.

Join me live for the Journey

Monday 4th January

from 8:30am AEST (Sydney) time +11GMT

Don’t be late


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