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SUBtember on Twitch

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Join me live on Twitch for SUBtember.

As my first year of becoming Twitch Affiliated I figured I’d give my SweetAs gang members a chance to take advantage of the 20% channel subscription

and 20% Off Twitch merchandise from the

Click link to store

The loot cave is Amazon based store so there are numerous payment methods including Zip pay, plus free shipping to Amazon account holders.

And yes I do have my very own set of Twitch Bandanas on their way.

20% Off

Free postage

Buy Now Pay later.

How could anyone turn that down ?

All info featured in the official Twitch blog below.

Keep in mind discounts are only available or PC subscriptions and do not apply to the mobile app subscription purchasing.

I would say I’m more than excited at the timing of this sweet September event due to the fact if I do make 50 subs, as promised I will be doing a

Candy the clown stream.

September‘s Schedule

streaming for #SUBtember shall commence Tuesday 7th September

8am AEST (Sydney) time.

Weekly CandyShop opening times

Monday - Friday

8am -12 pm

AEST (Sydney) time

Streaming Red Dead Online

not just on the daily gold grind

I’m looking to make it to Rank 500.

Currently sitting on Rank 414 I’m going to need the support of every SweetAs Gang member, meaning more of you outlaws and gunslingers joining me live for our community days

Sweet Meets.

Most days will focus on completing challenges the

Make something Monday

Each Monday during stream I’ll be working on something crafty

•Pony Stick •Dream Catchers

•Painted Animal figures

plus many more Western Theme CreAtions.

Weekly Updates Tuesday

Each Tuesday evening will go over any Wheeler Rawson & Co discounts and offers, we will check out other offers from Madam Nazar, Cripps, Gus, Harriet.

Wardrobe Wednesday

My favourite day of the week to show off some of the most amazing clothing items I’ve ever seen.

Plus we will go through any other RockstarGames bonus according to the newswire.

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I originally came up with this concept to share thoughts about what players wanted from Red Dead Online.

I was finding on a daily basis I would consult my social media and find nothing but negativity, but in all fairness some were good points that RockstarGames should really take on as feedback.

All these #RedDeadThoughts deserved some recognition and I figured if we flooded social media on one day it might get the attention it deserved.

Red Dead Family Friday

All the SweetAs Gang are part of the #RedDeadFamily some call us RedDead Freaks and we are proud of it. Fridays will be for you Fam. Let’s get together Live for our family

Sweet Meets

SUBtember Special events

Sub Gifting

Yes over the month of September just viewing will give you chance of randomly receiving a gift subscription.

To sweeten the deal there is a CandyCash challenge where you can add you earned CandyCash to help raise funds for 5 random gift Subscriptions.

September 9th‘s R U OK day coincidently falls on #ThinkingOutLoudThursday

So join me on Twitch and let’s talk about it.

R U OK….?

During stream I’ll be playing few videos to support the cause and help others understand the purpose of mindful conversations with someone that may not be ok.

Also ways to help people who aren’t ok to feel comfortable to communicate there emotions.

SUBtember Subathon

Tune into my very first subathon from

Tuesday 21st Sept 4pm Syd time

The goal is to complete ALL daily challenges in the first hour and a half.

5:30pm Will begin the second part of the subathon where you are invited into the Kitchen for

Cooking With Candy

Watch me live, cooking up a dyLicious dinner

From 7pm

Checking over any new Wheeler Rawson co catalogue discounts and offers.

9pm is definitely the perfect time to get comfy.

Yes I will be jumping in my sleeping attire for a

PJ’s stream

Now the hardest part from here on in will be staying awake long enough to get the latest info from RockstarGames’ Newswire which happens between

11pm and 1am

I super excited to

share all these fun things with the SweetAs Gang.

Hope to see you all around

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