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Sweet As Bounty Hunting- Carmela Montez THE WHOLE STORY

Benson and myself both rode to the bounty board with much excitement, bounty hunting work was paying 50% extra and we were totally keen to take advantage of the extra pay.

Its a Tough world out here and the prices of items were sky high.

One had to take the opportunities to earn that little bit extra no matter how full of pocket one believed themselves to be.

It was completely obvious in this economy having a little bit extra would always be an advantage.

Approaching the bounty board, from a distance I could just recognise the surname and I prayed to god that this was just my eyes deceiving me.

However God must have been on his day off for my prayers were not answered and I don't know why I even doubted my own eyes,

just wishful thinking i guess.

Upon closer inspection of the document, no deceit involved, I continued to read the notice and sure enough, we WERE dealing with another


A nasty, little female Montez, goes by the name of La Muneca, on a war path with the Del Lobos and their Armoured war wagon.

Benson and I exchanged an anxious glance.

Unfortunately our dealings with US Marshal, Tom Davies and the Montez family may have created this new monster.

This nasty little wretch had been terrorising northern territories on a murderous spree from New Austin to West Elizabeth for the last 6 months.

Now CARMELA MONTEZ, her band of Del Lobos and that turret equipped war wagon had taken over Hanging Dog Ranch and set up camp.

I can't help but think that the choice of location maybe deliberate after what they tried to do to Marshal Tom Davies after the death of her cousin Alfredo was caused by his hand.

The look of utter concern that Benson gave me, caused an instant rush of anxiety, and i shook my head thinking about what we had gotten ourselves into.

It was apparent to both of us what Sweet Little Carmela Montez

was playing at.

This was definitely revenge.

La Muneca, the Doll, Montez, Sweet Carmela, was on a path of destruction to avenge the most recent Del Lobos leader BARBARELLA ALCAZAR and her Two cousins Jorge & Alfredo MONTEZ.

The air expelled from my body as I exhaled, further pondering the situation,

to be fair we had killed them,

well technically we only killed one of her cousins.

Let me explain,

A fair while back now, whilst waiting on the next orders from Horely and Mrs Le Clerk in regards to the Death of Mr Le Clerk we were working, Horley recommended we meet up with US MARSHAL Tom Davies for some good honest work.

Offers of Honest work were never turned down so we headed out and met up with the Marshal.

He informed us of a target he wished to capture for trial.

Alfredo Montez

At the time, Alfredo Montez was the current leader of the Del Lobos gang.

After murdering a whole family from thieves landing Montez is wanted in 4 states and 2 Countries.

Marshal Davies then rode us up to the Manzanita Post where he introduced us to Lee.

Lee had the details on the whereabouts of Montez and the Del Lobos, and apparently there was a lot of them.

Lee's advice was to be as stealthy as possible so not to warn them of our arrival, immediately me and Benson grabbed our Bows and followed Lee towards the Aurora Basin where our Target was set up camp at

Swadbass Point.

Where Your Morales Lead You

The Montez Family Saga

Part 1

We Got the wrong man

The Montez saga continues

Night broke and the darkness covered our trail perfectly we entered Swadbass Point with stealthy precision and definitely took them by surprise.

However the surprise was ours when we came to find the man we had killed was not Alfredo Montez, but his brother Jorge Montez.

I didn't really know how to feel about it and it must have showed on my face when we met with Marshal Davies, because he went on a whole spiral about how Jorge was just as bad as his brother.

I was still in two minds about it, I felt like our job was not complete.

Marshal Tom Davies did not feel the same way he still proceeded to pay us for the wrong target and paid us, in full, and then hired us to keep tracking Alfredo Montez.

I looked at Benson with questioning eyes, he could see in that one look i was asking for reassurance to keep on this guys trail, he knew I had a high work ethic hated not completing work with perfection.

I wanted to catch Alfredo Montez and Davies was willing to pay us, again.

He grinned and nodded to me and Marshal Tom Davies as he rode out of the Manzanita post.

Word came sooner than i expected to meet up again with Marshal Tom Davies.

Myself and Benson had to make a long journey from West Elizabeth through to a location just outside the settlement at Van Horn.

An informant, Josie Dawson, had given information to Davies that Montez and the Del Lobos were down in her saloon, all in a fluster over the death of Jorge Montez and were plotting a plan to avenge his death.

Josie wanted them out of her saloon and we wanted Montez so our next stop would be the saloon in Van horn to sort this out.

Highly Illegal & Highly moral

The Montez Family Saga

Part 2

Alfred Montez

We captured him, however we did not kill him.

as far as we were aware he was was being kept in custody at the Valentine Sheriffs office under the watchful eye of Marshal Tom Davies.

Benson and i had decided to relax now, our job here was done.

Or so we thought.

Tom Davies made contact with Old tom Jones to pass a message onto us again within a few days.

He was going to need our help with Montez.

The Del Lobos plans of revenge had now turned into a plan to break Alfredo free from jail.

They were ready to do whatever it took to get their leader back and word around town is they had actually sourced some brand new technology.

Marshal Davies was vague about the work description but I figured because he held no power in the cities as a US marshal he needed us

to protect him and keep an extra eye on Montez.

Seemed simple enough and it didn't take us long before we were walking through the doors of the Sheriff's office in the town of Valentine.

Bring A God Damn Posse

Montez Family Saga Part 3

Legendary Bounty


Montez Family Saga Part 4

After all that had happened I was not one bit surprised to see this monster on the Bounty boards.

Any person who truly believed there would not be a retaliation to avenge the deaths of both the MONTEZ men was mad.

and to underestimate the wrath of a sweet little MONTEZ woman would be even madder.

CARMELA (the Doll) MONTEZ wasn't playing and even though i do like dolls I wasn't playing either.

We would get her before she got us.

we didn't make it this way

she did.

We wasted no time both Benson and I rode as fast as we could to Hanging dog Ranch to capture the Legendary Carmela Montez.

Special attention would be taken to make sure we brought her in alive to save the future family drama and it Paid more handing her in alive, which of course was our main concern.


She was a Feisty little thing and boy was she quick on her feet.

We got her in alive but in no way does that ensure we won't be hearing from the MONTEZ family in the future.

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