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PS Plus Monthly PS5 game-MANEATER


Eat, Explore, Evolve

Released: PS4 May 2020

Completely enhanced for PS5

November 2020

The PSPlus free game for PS5 for January is Tripwire Interactive’s action packed, MANEATER.

A single player, third person RPG, where the player gets to be a shark.

Because who hasn’t imagined themselves being big shark?

Humans kill over 100 million sharks a year.
But only 5 humans are killed by sharks.
Its Time to even the score.

Well... maybe you haven’t imagined taking over the sea and eating humans for breakfast, but maybe you didn’t grow up watching ......


If you did get enjoyment from the classic Steven Spielberg JAWS films I reckon, just like me, you are going to enjoy every minute becoming an awesome sea dwelling apex predator.

Starting out as a baby female Bull shark (pup) in an open world, feeding on fish, aquatic mammals and humans whilst battling other sea predators.

The player is able to explore 7 different regions to find special shark loot unlocking extraordinary evolutionary traits, enabling you to evolve your shark-self into a Legendary Underwater Beast to take revenge on the fisherman who killed your mother.

Your Dream vacation is waiting for you here
on the Gulf Coast

The full story, narrated by Chris Parnell (Rick and Morty, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock) is based on a reality show that follows Scaly Pete and his crew of shark hunters, on board the boat the Cajun Queen.

Come watch me take Sweet Revenge on Scaly Pete

Join me Live for #PsPlusPlays

Every Friday Afternoon

1:30pm to 3pm

AEST(Sydney Time) +11

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